What was i thinking?

I am not a competitive person in the least, So why did i get into ART, one of the most competitive professions to enter :( *sigh* I could really use some of that heavenly gudiance right now...


I am starting to think i made a HUGE mistake getting into this feild of work. I feel a pull like no other to it thou, that's the confusing part....


Sorry for the small rant, Having one of those days i guess.



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  •  Hey Don,

          I just wanted to give you some words of encouragement. As brothers in Christ, we should stand shoulder to shoulder with friends and family when they struggle. You are in my prayers bro. Remember the Lord has plans for you to prosper and prosper you will. Stay strong, have faith and speak to Him. He loves to hear how Donald will use the gift He gave him. Have peace.............Andy

  • Hey Luis.

    I figured you either hated my test page, or were really busy LOL!.....

    As for passion, I have never felt this pasonite about anything in my life well maybe Chirst and my Wife LOL!..


    but other then that.... I love colouring, What i don't want to happen is for me to cross over into painting. i have noticed alot of artists are working without line work, or are painting right over it...I don't want to do that, I believe the lines are something that should show through, for the org artist sake :)



  • Hey Don,

    You do it because it is your passion, you don't have to be the best ever (competitive), but passion for your craft to become better, and for your enjoyment & stress relief.  

    Talk to you again soon, my day job has me swamped this week.

  • Thanks Julio.

    I have not heard of digital webbing, i will look it up... I am on Deviant art as well, and i do have a pretty big watch list. I do tee shirt designs as well, mostly Faith based, and i have sold a few. I use facebook as well. I don't have alot of friends, because of having autistic twins, and then one having cancer, the last 6 years i have been a hermit LOL!...... all my relatives tell me art is where i should be, My dad was a artist as well, he never did anything with it, but loved to draw...


    I will keep colouring, for any reason if just to get better and to glorify GOD. Like i said it's a stress releif for me :)






  • Keep improving, and publicize your talents in the right places and to the right audiences, so your chances of being hired as a Colorist increase. Did you try Digital Webbing?

    Meanwhile, don't ignore other venues (other professions, tasks, abilities, unrelated to artistry) to earn money working from home. Speak with your wife, friends, relatives, and yourself, people who know you, to find out what you're really good at, and someone would be willing to pay you for doing just that for them. Have you considered working outside of your house but at night (while your wife is sleeping)?

    Have faith. Something good will come out.

  • I love to colour, I enjoy it very much, it relieves stress for me.  I know GOD gave me this gift to see things and make then shine... And till now I have not worried about the money part.

    We have prayed unendly about this, we need money to live, I can not work outside the house for varies reasons, the main reason being my wife is not a healthy person and she get's sick offen to working even part time is pretty much impossible ( I have tried it). So art is my only outlet for money.


    I don't want to worry about it, I have given it to GOD for the most part, but IDK what else to do.


    And i do feel very intimadated by other artists, some are amazing and i am far from their level...But then I have seen artists that are below me in skill level that are published (God Bless them), So i don't understand. I feel a HUGE pull towards colouring, it comes easy to why is GOD not allowing more work to come our way so we can at least put food on the table?







  • Don,

    The temptation to feel intimidated by the works of others around us will always lurk around the corners to try to deter us from arriving at our greatness, especially in the moments when we make the biggest steps toward the things that God have placed in us. Every good and every perfect gift comes from God, in whom there is no variablness, or shadow of turning, so if the gift is in you, It came from God.

         Your excellence is what will bring you into greatness; Not your attempt to confrom to some one elses genius. A fish looks like a moron on the way to death outside of the water, but place him in the environment in which he has excellence, and he can out swim the fastest runner, and do so longer. Concentrate on being the best you can be in God and leave the rest to HIM. He knows how to go before you and open doors.

         Your gift will make room for you in the presence of Kings. When you obey God in the thing he has destined for you, and do what you do as unto the Lord Jesus Christ, as worship to HIM, to glorify HIM. In this way we publish the good news of HIS greatness in our lives. Don't worry about the others, or the things the next guy is doing. If God is calling you to it, God has a purpose, because nothing HE ever does is without purpose, and HE will reward you, because it is HE who said the laborer is worthy of his hire. 

  • You could take the bad competitive part out of the way, and concentrate on how well you send out your artistic message to the world. Compete, yes, but only against yourself to polish your message, so over time it will be better, and embraced by more people. You asked "What was I thinking?" but in art is more in the way of "What was I feeling?". Your artwork is unique and special, but it's up to you to enhance it and deliver it, instead of keeping it to yourself or buried. I think you did well by getting into art. Go for it.

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