Waiting for Wednesday.

Ok, so alot of us here collect comics right, so what books do you read or collect when Wednesday Cometh?I pick up any book by Eric Canete, Humberto Ramos, and Lienil Francis Yu and Stuart Immomen (as long as it has nothing perverse or x rated.) For the art of course.As for reading, Invincible, Walking Dead and Astounding Wolf-man and Ult. Spidey. I like indie books too, but so few I read due to the nature of the subject. I did read strange girl as I had to do with the rapture and the writers interpretation as he just think it is just a story. Dropped Kick-butt, love romita jr. but really do not like the content any more by the writer.I am really an artist and mostly follow artist though any good books your reading?

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  • I was gettingint the chinese comic from Comics1 I think thats he company name. I was following this artist Andy Seto who was drawing Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon comic. great art and colors.
  • I like anime but, manga? Hmmm...
  • Yes there is really no comics for girls out there. DC tried with putting out some comics for girls but it didn't workout. Manga seems to get that target audience. Tried the manga comics, and I can't get into that, but I do like anime, some not all. thanks for the reply.
  • I'm into Japanese manga--the girly "shoujo" stuff--so it might not be interesting to you. The titles I collect are: From Far Away, Fruits Basket, GALS!, Fullmoon wo Sagashite, Sugar Sugar Rune, Ultra Maniac, Sailor Moon, Wedding Peach, Magic Knight Rayearth, Ranma 1/2, Kitchen Princess and Angelic Layer.

    Other than that I just read Archie comics--Betty & Veronica, Betty and Archie.

    Sadly there is a dearth of comics for girls out there.
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