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A guy wakes (stasis, cryogenic, time travel whatever) up in the not very distant future in what appears to be a post apocalyptic dystopia.He looks around for what caused the end of mankind. A few old people linger. Where are the children? Was it war? Bombing? Disease? Starvation? He follows each cliche apocalypse, and comes up with none of that happened.Instead he finds out that the sexual revolution, abortion, and adult entertainment of 2000s was all part of an "Extinction Agenda". (The working title)Any writers want to help flesh out this idea?

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  •  New to this site. Since there is talk about sex bots and they brag how modern medicine can make people live longer that could be a reason why there are less people. Relationships are already under attack with the "hook up culture" so it isn't hard to imagine technology that will keep the guys from needing the girls and vice versa since reproduction will no longer be considered a way of survival. The family is already under attack now so that isn't hard to imagine. More lesbian and homosexual propaganda and complete abolishment of gender roles can also be another cause leading up to this new, ugly world.

        But as always there are always a few elites that know you cannot go completely against the natural laws of man and reproduce within the powerful families to maintain the bloodline of rulers. This goes wrong since this is incest and add some strange weird science laboratory stuff and you have a plague that threatens to kill them off too...they could be horribly mutated or something.

       However, there is a remnant, classic to scripture, that have refused this type of thing, but they have to stay in the shadows. They would be hunted down and used by the dying elites to keep them going(let us say there now is something in their blood that they need to not die off).

       So there ya go. There are all types of things you could do with this idea. Enjoy!


  • Hey Brien,

    Some real good thoughts there.

    As for the oldies, I am not certain they would understand. There is no cataclysmic event. It's like the frog boiled in water analogy.

    Proverbs 4:19
    The way of the wicked is like deep darkness;
    they do not know over what they stumble.
  • 1) Short story, novella or full blown novel? It matters for several reasons, but mostly how fast you have to bring a story to its conclusion.

    2) Who's the target audience and what's the genre?  Even SciFi can be 'Space Opera', Techno, adventure or horror or....romance?

    3) My first thought after I read your summary, is that the protagonist asks one of the surviving oldsters what happened, gets the answer and that's the end of the story. Somehow getting the answer has to be harder than that, there has to be a communication problem bigger than not speaking the language. Maybe everyone is programmed to lie, maybe the protagonist is invisible or comes back as a talking dog....

  • It might be better to just show the population decreasing than a result of an "extinction agenda." Maybe somehow tie it into a population control scheme gone wrong. Cool idea!

  • Science Fiction almost always suggest we go out with a bang, but perhaps it won't be as exciting as all that. I'm thinking the world would feel very much like Mad Max. (The old one. I have not seen the new one) If you read about population projections for Japan and China their population is collapsing.

    This future world is a result of God's judgement, perhaps it might end with this Noah re populating the planet. Much like Rome collapsed under the weight of it's moral revolution and rebuilt with Christians.
  • Sounds like a really cool idea. I don't know how much this will help, so feel free to toss it, bounce off it, or whatever.

          So, does he know why he was out for so long? If it was stasis or cryogenic storage, maybe someone knew about this "Extinction Agenda" and while he/she couldn't stop it, he/she chose him (or several people) to combat this evil plot.

          Maybe the people that are missing have been taken to form the armies for different factions or world powers that now have free reign to conquer whatever they wish to.

          I like the idea of all the entertainment and social movements of the 2000s being a part of the "Extinction Agenda". My family and I have noticed that it seems like companies are trying to break up the family unit, and make people allied to no one, not even their country. It seems like these movements would be specifically targeting the younger generations before they can make educated decisions, so maybe you could play around with that.

          So, if it's a post apocalyptic dystopian environment, does that mean modern technology is gone? Or has it been modified into almost a steampunk kind of thing?

          I don't know if it's too cliche, but all of this could have been orchestrated by a superior alien race. Governments could have made an alliance with them, thinking to gain power, only to end up serving the aliens (or dead). The aliens could want humans as soldiers to fight their war.

         Again, I don't know how much help this was. But your idea really does sound cool, and just rooted in reality enough that it seems uncannily possible.

          I hope you stay inspired,


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