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Greetings from Russia. Wanted to share my story. I grew up in a poor Christian family in a soviet Russia. My father was a professional artist and I learned to draw merely by watching him do his job. He is an artist and sculptor. When I was a little boy I loved to draw animals and birds. I would go to the library at school every break and draw animals from the encyclopedias... I did it cause I didn't have many colored books on animals at home. Later at the age of 8 I found one comic book that I liked-it was bible in comics. I learned that I could create stories like that. So I started to draw a simple comic about friends and their adventures. In a couple of years I drew 9 volumes (copy books). Those were really primitive drawings of course. Later at the teen age I made another comic story about Indian and cowboy in the Wild West ( that time I loved reading about Indians). Later I quit drawing and didn't do it until I was about 27 years old. Now I am 30 and I am still just an amateurs and from professional point of view need to work a lot and get knowledge and practice. But lately I have found the zeal for drawing again. I have a son now and when I was buying him bible for kids I was surprised that no bible contained dinosaurs on the picture of Noah's ark... And since my baby loves them I try to explain that they are supposed to be there but it's just that the artists for some reason don't put them in there. So I decided I would draw some kind of picture story a comic book, about the truths of creation, the flood, dinosaurs, ice age...based on scientifically facts that proof the truths of genesis. I wanted to share this with you because I am interested in your opinion about this enterprise I am about to start. I am going to draw about Noah and his life as a teen, about preflood society, Giants, that life... Of course we have very little facts from the bible on that one so I will have to make up some ideas and stories..but I am going to base everything on those things we do know from the bible or science. As for others I will make up story this way so it won't contradict with the bible truths... So that it I guess. Just wanted to know your opinions on that. Thanks a lot and may God bless! Nikolai tishinorekh. Russia.

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  • Wow! A young Noah story sounds awesome! I wish you luck for that. I read what was mentioned below and think that with the Nephilm and the land controlled with violence, the story would be biblical and accurate and way better than that watered down, agenda-driven satanic Russell Crowe Noah movie. If you are looking for a writer of it let me know. I am a professional writer and amateur artist who believes that God made us in his image to create powerful stories like Jesus presented to the crowds. We should be writing and drawing and producing things that shame the world's attempts because we have the creator on our side. What I've seen here are some good artists who need good writers to compliment them.Contact me at if you are interested in any projects. I have assembled a small remnant of out-of the box- thinking Christians who are starting to shake things up. We are few now, but very talented...praise God.

       Keep creating in Christ! 

  • Андрей спасибо за комментарий. Да я прежде хочу собрать некоторые сведя креационизма а потом использовать их для создания своей идеи. Еще раз спасибо!
  •   Привет из Украины,Николай! Эту нишу(иллюстрации о сосуществовании человека и динозавров ) надо заполнять обязательно. Я как раз тоже над этим думаю. А фактов,в подтверждение такого сосуществования достаточно и в библии и в науке, но не в эволюционистической,а в креационизме. Так как эволюционисты поставили цель промывать мозги детям ещё в младших классах школы ,представляя яркие картинки в учебниках,что детям,конечно же, очень нравится, считаю,что христианские художники должны поработать и в  сфере образования. Ведь законопослушный родитель платит налоги в бюджет страны, за которые его ребёнка учат научно недоказаной теории,и при том не представляют возможности узнать об альтернативной теории а именно о теории творения жизни Богом. И свидетельств учёных предостаточно, но они не признаются эволюционистами. Эту войну за умозрение мы должны вести добровольно ,надеясь на награду в небесах. Бог в помощь!


  • thank you!)

    Kevin D. Lintz said:

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    My story
    Greetings from Russia. Wanted to share my story. I grew up in a poor Christian family in a soviet Russia. My father was a professional artist and I l…
  • Hey Kevin, yes I did see the movie. Like most of Hollywood @christian@ films it has a lot of liberties. This interpretation was like many others. I dont have intentions to create something that contradicts to A) the written Word of God, B) to scientific evidences and facts. For instance in this film there were some strange stone  made creatures half angels half human (probably)... but Bible tells us of Giants (not half stoned giants). So I guess I wouldnt make a fantasy out of this story but just wanted to imagine what life looked like before the flood... anyway, thanks for reminding me of that movie, some of the things there are nice)

  • That sounds like a very interesting story. I don't know if you have seen the recent Noah movie with Russel Crowe (I haven't yet), but it sounds like that story took lots of liberties with the facts of Noah's life. You are right, we don't have many details in the Scripture.

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