Hey all:

I finally finished my first assignment with the Joe Kubert school.  only 4 more to go.

I had to scan in the different sides because my scanner isn't big enough for the bristol board.  That's why there is a gray line in the middle.

Thanks for viewing and critiquing if you have.

assignment 1.jpg

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  • Alika.....thats' some graphic rated X stuff there in the Bible....gotta protect the weak from reading those passages. (sorry, being prideful again)
  • I completely agree....and both side will rant when irritated and pridefull. :-) because we're all fragile.

    Have a great day.

  • "I was making a related but independent rant about Christian fragility and how fragile Christians tend to lash out against less fragile Christians."


    The "fragile Christians" will lash out against the "less fragile Christians", and claim that they are worldly, and unspiritual for exposing themselves to the carnality of the world.

    The "less fragile Christians" will lash out against the "fragile Christians", and claim that they lack faith, live in a spiritual bubble, and a mature level of spiritual strength for not being able to expose themselves to the carnality of the world.

    To be honest, both sides smack of pride to me. The fact is that we are all fragile in one way or another. We each have a crack in the armor, and the moment we think we don't is the moment we are most susceptible to stumbling.

    In short, there ought be no lashing out among Christians. There is only one Holy Spirit after all, and none of us are Him.

    Augustine (I think) had it right: "In essentials, unity; in non-essentials, liberty; in all things, charity."

    Shalom, all.

  • Fragile Christians do not read:

    Genesis 19:33-36, 38:8-10, Judges 19:25-26, 2 Samuel 12:11-12, 13:11-14, Ezekiel 23:19-20, etc. etc. ...

  • I appreciate your note.

    I didn't misunderstand Crespo. I was making a related but independent rant about Christian fragility and how fragile Christians tend to lash out against less fragile Christians. We need to help each other by working through these issues, not run away from them and yell at people who put undesirable subject matter before their eyes.

    I do know the difference between choice and avoidance as well.


    Seems like I didn't make my point clear enough as I receive responses that do not address my intent.

    And "that's" ok.


    Thanks for sharing. I'm sorry if I went on an attack, but there is also a difference between and attack and a rant as well, they are exclusive of one another.


    Blessings all around.


  • @Ron:

    Crespo actually said:



    "Just a word... for those sensitive to nudes be warned. They do offer DVDs in figure drawing. So the occasional nude painting is posted. (Not looking to make anyone stumble, you know!!)"



    To me, it sounds like he was looking out for his fellow brothers and artists in Christ.   He wasn't saying don't look at this because their naked.  

    I did at one point shy away from life drawing classes, because I know I am weak and still struggle with lusts of the flesh.  When I did eventually take a life drawing course, I wasn't tempted, I was actually grateful for clothes.

    I do agree, we christians should be bold in the faith and not afraid to reach out to the occult, dark fantasy, and the audiances that enjoy them, as long as God calls us to do that.  If as an artist you feel called to draw children's books, that in no way means your shying away from the harder stuff.

    I'll be posting the second assignment soon. 






  • It does pay to be on the safe side, and people are weak, and we aren't Christ, though he is the example to follow and work towards.

    I just get a bit irritated with Christians who freak out over the natural aspects of our earthly existence, and want to punish others who handle it better.

    I don't have any problem with you offering consideration to others. I may not have made that clear.


    Thanks for the dialogue!

  • "While it is certainly thoughtful and courteous to offer concern, it just validates my observations that many Christians are fragile."

    Who isn't? We all have our weaknesses, and since the Lord gave men a strong sexual nature, and He saw fit to make women completely, and totally awesome... it is a genuine struggle that many men (myself included) wrestle with if they want to keep their attentions to their beautiful wives.

    Plus, fragility is not only a characteristic of Christians, but of humanity in general. I know guys who struggle with alcohol, gambling, or even a plate of buffalo wings. (Okay, I've got the buffalo wing thing almost beat! I could quit if I really wanted to!)

    Listen, Christ didn't avoid such things, and the Scriptures say He was tempted in every way, but the simple fact is, I'm not Christ, and neither is the one sitting next to me in church. So, out of respect for them, I like to give the warning. (Plus, I figured if we were told not to stumble our brothers, let's just go with that.)

    As a side note, my wife and I have a beautiful print of John Waterhouse's "Hylas and the Nymphs" in our bedroom. We love it. But we first wanted it in the living room, but then we thought that even though we considered this a very innocent painting, the nudity might be an issue to someone we invite over the house. So, into the bedroom it went. (We later opted for Waterhouse's "Lady of Shallott" for the living room.)

    It always pays to be on the safe side.

  • It always concerns me with how Christians (ones I know) have a tendency to run from certain content, nudity, dark subject matter, sexuality, the occult, worldy or sinful subject matter...and the more devoted they seem to me, the harder they run to protect their eye's.

    While it is certainly thoughtful and courteous to offer concern, it just validates my observations that many Christians are fragile. (I'm Christian BTW)


    Christ wasn't one to avoid these things, he wanted us all strong and to understand how these things play out in our earthy existence and how to deal with them, which wasn't to run and hide, but face them head on and keep things in their proper perspective. In the world, not of the world ...right?


    We can say "that is not of Christ, that is of Christ" without having to avoid, run, hide, be offended etc etc. As Christians we are educators and edifiers, not alarmists and hypochondriacs.

    Anyway....sorry for the rant.

  • Good call crespo, Gnomon's got this guy dave finch he draws barrel chested but his vids are insightful good ideas, welp here check-it out.

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