looking for artists letterer amd a scripter

hi i need a comic book artist who can ink pencil and letter i hope who is willing to work for a percentage of sales. great christian horror scifi comic book idea about 12 issues also need a scripter for my plots anyone interested contact me

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  • I write scripts if you want some help email me at Don't worry about pay 
      If interested, writing is my passion, and this is about a possible 
    other avenue for me to break in comics maybe
  • Thank You Buzz,

    (takes me back to "home alone")


    The GL page was crow quill pen and ink

    The other two pages are the pencillers pencils and my Photoshop inks (which I'm still struggling to master)

    The pencils make as much of a difference in the final look as the inks do.

    The GL inks were a copy of the Daryll Banks pencils given to me my the actual inker, Romeo Tanghal, who is a friend of mine. He was helping me learn and was tutoring me on pages he worked on back in the late 90's.


  • I genuinely appreciate that. Not to sing the blues....but...I stopped working two years ago to take care of my mother with Dementia, She passed away in May and a substantial amount of money disappeared from our household. in 6 years we went from a 4 income household to 1. We have 1/4 the income to support 3 kids and me, not to mention all the other stuff. Living in Southern California is expensive and I refuse to uproot the family and leave the house that was given to me.

    I go to 2 schools to retrain myself for the quickly changing job market, 2 of my kids go to Catholic School, etc, etc, etc. God gave me the passion and skill to draw, I'm compelled to make a run at that for a career till the end of my life. 

    Needless to say, I only have so many hours in the day and dollars to support the family and I'm already doing one project for free.


    So I hope this helps you understand my circumstances and that I'm not just interested in the money. I love drawing, inking etc, This is what I plan to do at the ripe old age of 47 until I'm 77 or 87 or whenever the Lord wants me.

    So, I do appreciate your offer to keep me in mind.

    I've uploaded a sample or two of my inking for you to see.


    I-1 Pg1 Progress proof.jpg

    I-1 Pg- 1.jpg

    GL Inked page - 1.jpg
  • ron if this project works I  will keep you in mind for a paying job
  • Cool...Pablos Marcos. One of my favorite artists from the 80's


    Good luck with your endeavors. I will have to withdraw my interest, I'm already doing God's bidding on another project for barter.


    God Bless.

  • i just finished a comic book for charity a testimony god gave me well im not happy about that part i would rather have not had that testimony but about a dozen or more artists letterers and editors helped work on it volunteerring the only person who got paid was the man who drew my cover but pablo marcos is one of the best in the industry and i knew him had to be paid and that took years of donations to get enough for me to hire him


  • one its my story so i did the outline two im taking care of printing it three if i had money id hire people but i have no money im a bible college student working part time due to little work i thought this would help spawn revenue for people thank god i got answers from two people willing to do it this way
  • Well, I don't mean to sound discouraging or unkind, but I don't think you're offering enough incentive for someone else to do the lion's share of the work while you put your name on the cover.

  • right now all i can do is sales profit. my concept devin but i am more of a plotter than a scripter
  • Capain's recording march 8 year of our Lord 2160 Ad.  Gideon Bishop in Command> IN orbit above the earth, things are really going wrong. we have orders not to intervene beyond our mission parameters. The Earth is now under one leader a mad man named President Ben Olsen. Backed by _______ cult you either join or you are executed. When Ben Olsen took over as U.S> President he gave a executive orders and took out Congress supereme court and all other politicians
    Some weird phenomena are turning cult worshippers inth supernatural beings denomic possession is part of it but when there is a exorcism if the person becomes a christian he dies most times  after a exorcism where the person does not accept Jesus he is literally being seen being dragged by demons into hell
    Ben Olsen ordered all Churches be torn down or burned down. all known Christians were put in education camps or killed on sight. Many surviving Have gone underground
    There is a great evil coming its name is Tiscario .The Men of God who are left know that if he comes about it would mean the end of the world. They send the prophetess Glorisa to go find the man of God named Enoch who hasnt been seen in over a 100 years
    End of Captains recording June 10 year of our Lord 2621 AD
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