Hi There! ^.^

     Hello all! :)

      I've been here for about a month, but never took the time to give a 'proper' intro. :P My name is Quayla (KWAY-LUH) Cheers. I'm 17 and am aspiring to be a Creative Writer and traditional animator.

     I was practically raised in the Church, but didn't really have a relationship with Christ until last year, after being delivered by Him from a Pornography Addiction that lasted about eight years. One of the hardest things about being addicted to something so disgusting & shameful was feeling like there was no one to relate to. Most Christians made it seem like it was only a 'man thing', and there weren't really any women talking about it (and definitely not any around my age). A goal of mine is to be that person that I needed back then for girls around my age & younger currently struggling with the addiction now. I want to let them know that they don't have to fight alone, and that they can be delivered through the power of Jesus Christ if they'd only put their faith in Him. ^.^

     The main reason I'm here is because of a series of characters that have been close to my heart since I was a little girl. Of course, back then, it wasn't going to have Christian principles. However, I think a fun series about food teens would be sweet w/ Jesus at the center, don't ya think? :P FruitsVille High is an upcoming comic series centered around three food teens, and how they use their website (and podcast) to connect with their peers at FruitsVille High School to fellowship with their peers, and tell the gospel. Super excited to work on it & share the issues!! :D

      Hope to meet some awesome comic creators here! ^.^ Stay blessed! 

     - Cheers

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  •  Thanks, Alison! ^.^ I don't think it is, but I do too! XD

          Yeah, a lot more people have spoken out about it ever since I've been freed and I'm so happy that this is being acknowledged now - even by people of the world! :D

         100% true. Idolization is so easy to fall in & it's even easier to get distracted by things in this world. :/ Never knew that about the earlier Christians tho. Totally understand why they rejected modern things now - especially nowadays when people think they can be Christians w/o basing their beliefs on the Word..

       Great to hear! :P And I will! :D Want to get as close as I can w/ the Lord before His great return! ^o^ God bless you as well, and will pray for you! ^.^

  • I like your name. Is it African? I myself am of Chinese ancestry. On the Internet, however, I prefer to be known by my English name only. :)

    Your story reminds me a bit of mine. I read the Bible as a child, but I wasn't very serious about salvation until I was 17. As for pornography addiction, believe me, it's much common among women (and men!) then most people realize. I'm very glad to hear that Jesus saved you from it, too.

    I believe that romance, creativity and human culture are gifts from God, yet in our sinful nature we humans tend to misuse these things, resulting in idolatry and other problems. Perhaps that's why some of the earlier Christians (the Puritans and some of the Medieval theologians come to mind) were so disgusted with the immorality of the dancers and actors in their time and age that they rejected things like parties, dancing and acting altogether. Some Christians still dislike fiction and movies in general because of the corruption of the entertainment industry and the tendency of people to idolize fictional characters and stories so much that they forget their reality. But I think the best stories should be those that help us live IN reality and care for others with a genuine love, not cause us to neglect our lives in this real, God-created world. Nathan's parable of the rich man and the ewe lamb from the Old Testament is a good example.

    I'll be looking forward to what you create. When I put up my stuff on the Internet, I'll let you know, as well. As you create your stories, be sure to study the Bible diligently so you will have a biblical worldview and know what God wants you to do. God bless. :)

  •      Thanks, Brien! ^.^ I kinda used to have an accountability partner, but we don't really talk much anymore. :/ No art-mentor either; never thought of having one. Should definitely look into both! :P

  • Brave words and lots of hope, Quayla. Lord bless you in this great venture!

    Do you have an accountability person who is discipling you? Do you have an art-mentor who is guiding you on the next steps to take artistically?

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