Hey, all! I'm hoping for some feedback.

Hey all,
   First, let me say that I am new here (just joined, and first post), and I am really excited to be part of this group!

   I've created a comic strip, and I hoping you folks can give me some good, solid feedback. 

   Here's a bit of backstory- 
   Long, long ago, I was a penciler working mainly for DC and Dark Horse. I was horrible in the discipline area so my work hours were all over the place, and I began to feel frustrated drawing "other people's stuff" all day long with no time for my own work.

   So, about 15 years ago I was looking for a way that allowed me to express my Christian faith both simply and quickly. I came up with a strip using a featureless character that had kept me entertained through many a college art history course.
   Originally, the strip served as a kind of diary, and was intended for my eyes only. Many of the strips were inside jokes to myself, but eventually it began to be seen by others, and as it turned out- even if the meanings were at times a bit too cryptic- people liked them. Often times they gave them a completely different meaning than I intended. I liked that.

   Fast forward a decade and a half, and I’ve finally decided to continue with that idea, but this time make the strip for all to see. (i.e., not quite so cryptic) I call it "From Nothing".

   Here are the first 6 strips for your consideration:

   Please, take a moment to look them over, and send me any thoughts, criticisms, and/or suggestions. Brutal honesty is what I’m looking for- well, maybe not so brutal. It will be greatly appreciated.

   Thanks, all! Be well! God bless!

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  • Wow I agree totally with that :) And the comics are AWESOME! I think im hooked already ;)

    Christopher Haupt said:

    I think that if it were to be published for a christian article or book, it would be good to have scripture attached to it. would make and awesome devotional tool. It would help minister to the reader more if you tie it in, then they could go on there own and look it up. Might even help with memorizing scripture if a comic strip were attached to it.  Maybe I'm being too christian. P  If it's being made for the public as a whole then the comic will speak for itself.  No need for scripture. Or extra writing unless you need to do it.

    But the comic is cool all of them. But to know whether something works or not you have to put it out there and see what society as a whole declares about it.  Can't please everybody. The way I look at it, I'm the type of artist where I can't work for people, I make what I make and if you like it you buy it, if you don't then you don't.  If you left DC and Darkhorse because you wanted to do your on thing because you are a christian then knock it out the ball park. The illustrations are tight.

    I made that choice a while back not to go to the Big ones and do God's comic instead. The comic industries have more than enough people on their team.  We need people on this team, especially those whose level is up there. 
    The road is narrow but it is worth the sacrifice. 

    Hey, all! I'm hoping for some feedback.
    Hey all,    First, let me say that I am new here (just joined, and first post), and I am really excited to be part of this group!   I've created a co…
  • And to add to the "Building Character" comic.  God created our spirits and our bodies. Both are beautiful

    and to be admired, not necessarily lusted and fantasized over.


    If the person within or the body are altered to be unattractive, that's mankind and the world work taking hold without Gods presence to guide them.


    Love it, it's a great strip and inspirational to help those with issues, have another reminder to keep in the Christian perspective.


    Ron Z

  • Nice. Your figures are crafted well in believable positions and anatomy, panel compositions have nice balance and distribution of space, I could go on. The messages are clear, the pacing seemed natural.

    Nothing to offer for improvement from me. If I were to receive these in an e-mail or see them in a publication, I wouldn't find anything wrong or quirky because I would be lost in the storytelling.


    You obviously have experience. I suppose if I brought this to a panel of my fellow artist peers, we could find something to offer for improvement....but it's not important to me to do that when it is great work in my view.


    Ron Z

  • Wow, lots to digest here. THANKS!


    Some thoughts...


    I think I will go with the rollover text idea. A little more light on my initial idea never hurts.


    And, Christopher, you are absolutely right about just putting it out there. I definitely will. Whether it floats or sinks, well, we'll see. But, I thought it wise to pick the brains of fellow comic folk for any input.


    Buzz, for sure I have a definition of success: finding meaning and satisfaction in my work while being able to provide for my family. If I can achieve that, EVERYTHING else is pure gravy.


    As for you comment on not looking lustfully at women. You are right. The strip does not address the basic problem, but it was never meant to. The strip is just a collection of my thoughts, and I got to tell you, brother, walking through the streets of Manhattan on a warm summer day it's best that I just keep my eyes up! (Or down, but straight ahead? Oh man...)


    Some may relate. Some won't. That's cool.


    You guys have given me LOTS to think about, and I will print it all out, and mull it over. Thanks!


    (By the way, I never heard of Abner Dean. I will check him out!)


    Any more? :-)

  • Hey buzz you hit it on the head with that one. I agree. Also I just put your comment on my face book page. and Crespo I just put your comic on there too for some controversy, but I put the link to your art too. If you go popular overnite remember me when you are famous.  I wonder if anyone will comment. Guess I'll see.
  • Buzz----  "I think not looking is actually a stop-gap measure & does not address the basic problem.  A Christian should be able to look at an attractive person yet see them not just as an attractive person but for the person they are underneath/behind all that.

    Likewise, while I might approach James 3:5 from a different angle, I'm not going to say that strip wasn't the way it should be done; I think different people can have different interpretations & still embrace the basic truth.

    Are you familiar w/the artist Abner Dean?  He did a number of cartoons in the 194s & 50s featuring naked but sexless people in a variety of moral/ethical/psychological conundrums."


    Man Buzz You came from a different point of view that I have to agree with. When I first got save I used to kill myself trying to not look at the opposite sex. And I swear that that was the christian thing to do. Major headache. Then I remember hearing on a christian radio broadcast saying you can look once but not twice. Or if you look as you are passing, then turn your head to look back again that's when the sin occurs.  Thinking back on that show now reminds me of how childish christians can be. LOL. But I think you just hit it on the head, and explained it in a way that makes sense.  Sorry man I think I'm have to facebook your response.

  • Hey Steve,


    I really like the strips.  I like the fact that's it not always clear what the meaning is.  You may want to have a link where those who want to go can go find out more about the meaning, and maybe people can chat/discuss there it as well (or just leave comments).  But I'm sure you'll find a way that works best to handle the strips where the meaning is not explicitly clear.  


    Love your work, especially the image for 'The Great Fish'.  Please let us know when it is available.


  • These are all really cool. The strip has it's own style. Not Bad :)
  • 1) Yes,  I think the rollover text could give additional punch(an additional zinger) or clarification or scripture.

    2) The characters are very well designed to be both iconic(low detail and blanked out eyes), yet able to do a lot of facial expression. Your character design coupled with you talent this should give you a lot of free range of topics!

    3) Personally I liked "From Nothing" and "Big Mouth," and noted that other commenters liked other strips of yours. If each of strips speaks to somebody you really could be onto something!

  • wow. looks cool. Like the way you set up the viewer. I am going to share the "builds character" part with my married ministry group. It will add to the discussion of protecting your eyes.
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