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I'm not sure if this issue has already been discussed, but any thoughts about most widely used eBook formats today? With so many new choices out there, what would work best? Does anyone know the best way to format large comic books as well as smaller comics mixed with text pages? Does it matter? Do ppl use PDFs anymore? And should we start out with PDF's then format from there? Or should we create our .cbz/.cbr files first? After reading up on this issue, I'm a little confused but thinking to create a few file types for our books if it's necessary. Wow, I really sound like a newb but I'd appreciate any info. Thanks!

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  •  For Amazon Kindle.

    Nook and smart phones generally use the epub extension. If you have Adobe InDesign ( I have it but haven't explored the extensions all that much) I think you can convert the files that way. Some still accept pdf files as well. My Android Galaxy S still reads pdf files fine.

  • Lisa,  I think you can check out what formats the Kindle and Nook ereaders take in order to read the formats

  • HI D.L., I'm not sure I understand correctly but what I'd like to know is what reader ppl use most and how to best create for it, especially since selling as ebooks is necessary and types of readers are always changing. What I think to do is to convert to EPUB and MOBI, and I have found free programs. I'd like to find out what others have done in this area, and how they best work with larger files. If there is no response, I think might experiment with everything I can.

  • lets get this discussion started in deep rotation. Sister Lisa you bring up very good points and questions. I am still navigating these waters. For me cost is a issue. I there are some free services out there, and of course blog sites too. These have started as spring boards in getting projects started. I have did and am still doing my research on this topic but I am willing to share what I have. There is no point in re creating the wheel. We can discuss my findings in your blog or via private message. Let me know and I will get back to you.

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