• doug hill has some good tutorials. MS takes some getting used to but after you do its pretty cool. its interface is a little different thank PS. I actually like the MS interface better. Again it is designed to create comics where as photoshop was designed to retouch photos... I continue to advise artist to use the right tool for the right job. You could go about inking your comic using bic ball point pens and sharpie markers (no jab intended Mel), and some people get good results doing so, but using mechanical pens, brushes etcs...will give you a more professional end looking product. but to each his own. I see so many posts on CCAS stating "I wish I could draw like this or I hope to draw like that that" but what the aspiring artist is failing to understand in the the process of how to create and actually "draw like that". When we see comics in print (I will use Ultimate Spiderman with Miles Morales as an example). The process there is hybrid, a great mix of digital and traditional. The backgrounds are for the majority photo manipulated images using photoshop, as well as 3D models from SketchUp. The colors are done using either SAI, Corel Painter, or Photoshop, and the special effects are using photoshop. Graphics using Illustrator.

  • I've been tinkering around with Manga Studio 5ex on a Wacom Cintiq 12wx (an older tablet by today's standards). I got a 'how to' book and downloaded Doug Hills' excellent MS-5/5ex tutorial videos from YouTube. Learning is slow going for me, but I'm sticking at it & I recommend the video tutorials!
  • I still do traditional, but have done some work on Sketch book pro on my Note 3. And its grest on the go or brainstorming.
    For my regular comic art I do fix my mistakes and do my panels in photoshop and illustrator. It's just easier.
    I still like my Bic pencil on paper than a screen, because that is what I'm use to. But coloring is digital all the way in photoshop! I don't really like coloring with a stylus, I prefer the mouse. A stylus is like using a brush and my hand is actually more relaxed coloring with a mouse. I know it's the other way around with some folks.
    I don't have a studio yet with a separate work space, so when I do it'll be easier to try to transition to digital, but with one computer and a family, it's easier for me to sit on the couch or floor and draw my comics.
  • Hmmm... I guess that would be a question that I would ask. Lol. You got me there. Hmmm. . . what I do now is ink by hand and just touch up on the computer. But yeah, when I see people inking from scratch on the computer I'm like, "I wonder if its faster."
  • managa studio can be down loaded free from the smith micro site by far it the best for inking, and my go to tool for digital inking


    Adobe Illustrator is a close second. But the learning curve on AI is pretty intense. The the AI pen tool is awesome. I just did a project for a client who needed some animation pieces for a movie done vector based for the animator to manipulate. I took the concept art and converted it into vector (without using autotrace). I was highly impressed (to the point of baffled) with of how "intuitive" the line correction was. If I can get these settings to match in Manga Studio... I will be ecstatic!

    but Chris, your pens and inks look good already. You have the talent and skill. Using Manga studio, photoshop, adobe illustrator, SAI, Corel Painter or Auto Desk SketchBook Pro, will just streamline and accent your workflow. I think is the true question you are asking (without asking...) is "How do I streamline my art flow digitally, and increase my production without impacting my creative style, while increasing my speed". THIS is question that We all ask who  are on this path to Jedi Art Wisdom.. 3884670716?profile=original 

  • Coincidentally I was wondering what should I use to ink. So I'm guessing manga studio 5. I really want the lines to be a bit smoother. I know there are tricks to faking the funk when it comes to PS, but I rather not have to go through that. And I'm always up for learning something new. Especially when it comes to art and inking. Guess I'll have to buy it and try it. Can it be purchased online and downloaded? Or do I need to have it shipped?
  • Mel is crazy dog. Go to sleep. Lol. You had me laughing hard!!!
  • Which program has the easiest learning curve?

  • I think it just depends on what you want to do, and what you are comfortable with.  Personally I've found that digital drawing and digital inking is way easier in manga studio (I use Manga Studio 5) but I prefer to color in Photoshop (I use CS6).  And then for any kind of lettering, panel borders etc, I use Illustrator.  But then again *most* of the work I'm doing these days seems to be traditional… unless it's coloring with photoshop. If I do need to make digital corrections though, I always ink with Manga Studio.

  • It's an illustration I did from my favorite book "Howl's Moving Castle"

    Jotham David Parker said:

    That is pretty cool. Is this for a story?

    drawing software?
    Does any body have any suggestions on a comic drawing software? what do you use?
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