COMIX35 Quebec Seminar Report:

Hello all!


I have just returned home from a fantastic seminar put together by COMIX35 and Nate Butler. (He was the real reason I went).


There 21 people from all across Canada. 3 from Ottawa/Aylmer area (that's Canada's Capital and 3.5 hrs away from the event). 1 from Alberta (a province of Canada...a plane ride away) and a variety of people from Montreal, Granby and Cowansville and possibly elsewhere. We had mothers with babys, teens, older people, working pros, husbands and wives, and all level of skill and all level of talent - and all sorts of backgrounds and styles.


BUT they all had a heart to learn, and all produced fantastic concepts. The goal was to create a 4 page Evangelistic Tract - not all were completed BUT, each and every tract concept that was created...was uniquely different and completely NOT the standard comic Bible tract.


They were stories unlike any you would have ever seen - or considered - all with a Biblical foundation. Again - none were like any other evangelical tract I had ever considered. All of the ones thought up I would have been proud to hand to someone. I hope everyone will complete them. Some of them were even prophetic (yes...I got the message).


We were taught by our very own Lisa Hutchinson of "Shelter of Wings" fame, Didier Millotte who won at Angouleme, and special guest Alain Auderset, Eric Leblanc and of course the ever delightful Nate Butler.


Students were taught the fundamentals, some comics philosophy, scripture philisophy as it pertained to comics - and much much more.


IF you or a group of friends are interested in learning how to make comics as an evangelistic tool I highly recommend you contact Nate Butler immediately - it's worth the time, effort and the outcome.


Thank you Nate for a fantastic weekend (+2days) and all the others who were involved. Didier's insights were fantastic, and Lisa was highly informative. Learning how to rely on God  through the testimony of Alain B. from Switzerland was humorous and thought provoking. Eric was passionate (and I hope I encouraged him - he has an amazing book that's screaming for an audience), and Nate rounded it out with his years of experience and charm.


So if you haven't already booked a seminar, or considered doing one, RUN, don't walk RUN and get one booked:


Worth every cent - learning both about God and comics. Will comment further later.


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  • It was great meeting you all too! I will try and get the project done asap - but it will probably be late next week.


  • Martin-

    It was great to meet you and get to know you a bit at our Québec seminar! I really appreciated your contributions in class and am eager to see the finished version of the comic you started.

    Blessings, brother!


  • Hi Martin :) The seminar was an amazing experience and it was a little difficult to go home. I felt warmly welcomed and had a great time with all the staff and students. The food was much better than I expected as well XD I really enjoyed your comic progress, especially your character creations! Let me know how things work out and when you complete your story. Also I wanted to thank you for your comic font info; sometimes with all the info one has to give, other important info gets overlooked^^
  • Awesome. I was a little scared there for a minute.

  • Martin Murtonen said:


    Did something happen to the Shelter of Wings website? It seems to be down...or moved?


    Shaina says: The Shelter of Wings website is just in the process of being moved. It should be up very shortly.




  • Salut Shaina. It was a pleasure meeting you!

    In case people don't know, Shaina is Lisa Hutchinson's BFF and personal assistant.


    Did something happen to the Shelter of Wings website? It seems to be down...or moved?

  • Salut Martin, Do I need to interpret what you just wrote into French? Haha...just joking...^_^. It WAS an awesome seminar! It was wonderful to meet you in person. Shaina Diane
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