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Wow! It's great to see there are Christian comic artists. I've had this dream of creating a Comic Bible for a long time. Each verse of the Bible would be a picture-box. Each chapter could be a thin comic. The finished product would be huge! Obviously this product is way to big for me alone, so if I could get a lot of christian artists together to work on such a project it would be more feasable. What do you think?

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  • Most of it is linear. Some books are talking about things thats happened before their time and things like Job, possably was older then Abraham, but could have been telling things from his region around the same time. Like Daniel and Ezekiel were at the same time but different things going on. I think even if there was a more acurate order to place them in, it would still work best as keeping it in the order of the collected books of the Bible.

  • It'd be easier if the bible were linear and the stories all compiled together. I mean you start in Genesis and then you got other books where they're hinting/ talking about the happenings, further fleshing out the stories, but you only get the full picture reading it in Hebrew. So now I gotta go learn Hebrew or start dating someone who does..!

  •  It would be more feasible for many artists to draw one chapter and make them separate issues. #1-10 Genesis and so on, but as one series.

  • Of course it wouldn't be too bad to do some comics, though there are many ahead of you.

    Well, theres siku's manga bible, and a few others that have separate comics already.

    Still I wouldn't dismiss this idea completely, because to put it lightly, the art work isn't tasteful. I want to see more styles of art for the comic bible.

    So far I also like the Red R's drawings of Revelations (though its a fictional account).

  • Correction: I have not found enough good artists interested in taking part


  • Hi Steven,

    Maybe it's too ambitious. I have found enough good artists that are willing to take part.

  • hey Earnest...I'm new here so I'm just poking around and saw this discussion.  Checked out your site with your comic adaptations!  Awesome stuff!  Keep it up cuz this world needs quality Christian comics now more than ever.  Hope to eventually get around to checking out everyone's sites and such!  ;)



    Earnest Graham said:

    Hi Gerhard,

    I share the same dream. I would love to see a verse by verse comic translation(s) of the bible.
    My wife and I did translations of the OT books of Jonah, Esther, and Amos, which were published as a Graphic Novel titled "The Unlikely Chosen". My wife translated the books from Hebrew and I turned it into a visual translation. Since then I have drawn the parables of Jesus from Matthew's gospel, and am currently working on the Epistle of James. The parables are available for free on my website , and I am distributing the portions of James as each segment is finished. (Sent out by e-mail in pdf form to anyone who requests them.) I would love to work with others on Comic bible and help coordinate such a project.
    Earnest Graham
    Earnest Graham: Earnest Illustrations
  • Sounds ambitious.
  • I guess I'll have to set up a proper website! I will keep you posted. Blessings in Christ - Gerhard
  • I do not have a facebook account to join up in the Bible Project. Can you send the guide lines to me or on theis site.
    Gerhard Oosthuizen said:
    I believe the more people take part in The Comic Project the more likely it will become a reality. At first I wanted to do it all on my own. I wanted to show the _I_ can dot it. But it is not about me. It's about getting the Word of God out to people who otherwise would never pick up a Bible. It's about putting on the shoes of the willingness to spread the Gospel of Peace. It's about giving glory to the God that gave us these talents.

    You can join The Comic Bible Project on Facebook if you want to take part.

    Blessings in Christ,


    Charles said:
    I am also trying to do that with the 1st and 2 kings and the book of revelation but it a little difficult right now since I am currenly doing several projects now which is, of course slowing the process of doing this. I would love to do this as a collabarate effort with other artist. Keep me posted.
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