• Hi Jawz,

    I realize this is 2 months late but I'm going to give you info that I gave Taylor
    check out this site: - the price is reasonable - the lessons are awesome - take advantage of the free lesson and move from there - yes they draw Anime also :)
  • Well, my only thought i had on the picture was her jaw dropped down a bit far, and should curve back up into the head. I think it looks like it shoots straight across. The only other thing I would do for her is to add shading. Give her a very soft light source from her felt on the right side of the face. That would cast subtle shadows along the face and under the arms and legs, at the joints, ect. Especially the nose, put a tiny shadow there too, I think. Perhaps a hint of shadow or a light glare in the hair as well.

    Other wise it's a great character. Keep up the good work.

  • thanks so much you guys! i'm really learning alot!

    and,neo, it'slike, 6 heads for a kid, 6and a half or 7 for a teen, and 8 for an adult (so says Ben Dunn)

    what do you guys think about this pic? (it's Sora from KH)


  • If you're interested in doing comics I have a book I want to suggest. It is "Making Comics" by Scott McCloud. It was published by HarperCollins Publishers. It is an excellent introduction into the field of comics.
  • I think the biggest thing you could improve on is anatomy. You have the basic ideas right; but with some tweaks and some more life study, it could be awesome. Right now, your character is very spindley and thin (which may be a stylistic choice; but it doesn't look intentional), and the head seems too large and boxy for such a thin body. Try using similar lines instead of different ones throughout too- ie: the hair is very angular and jagged, which is really cool, but looks a little off considering the flow of the lines that make up the body. That's not to say that you can't pull off using different types of lines; just to be concious of how different lines can evoke different feelings.

    Overall though, I think it looks pretty nice; and I think with a bit of clean up, it could be really cool. Your character looks like they could be really interesting. Good luck! :)
  • thanks David! i'll take that into consideration!
  • Her hand in her hair is too long. There are tricks to knowing body part lengths, once you learn them, and practice, you get better and better. There are days still where my people look like they could tie their shoes without bending over still. Also, in her stride, her legs are too far apart for the walk, so it makes her look cross legged or clumsy. Study pictures of people walking. You will see that the second leg is almost consumed by the first. You hint at it being there. It will help stabilize her. Happy drawing.
  • I'm using a ScanJet 6300C, i think the file setting was .jpg. thanks alot for the advice!!! :3
  • What scanner are you using?
    What is the file setting? .tiff .jpg I see that this is a BITMAP this the original? if it is the file that was created..
    Go to preferences and see if you can find .TIFF I don't know the technical jargon why a .TIFF, my experience says that artists and printers love that file type.

    Then have the dpi or "dots per inch" and raise it up to around 300. Your file will be larger, thus when you shrink it down for print..the detail will be higher.
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