WonderCon 2009

WonderCon 2009 is coming up the last weekend in February in San Francisco, CA. It will again be held at the Moscone Center and has been growing by leaps and bounds each year. With anticipated movies coming out next spring including Watchmen, Star Trek and Terminator, WC should be as big as ever.Redmachine Comics (Bryan Mero, Troy Gustafson) will be in attendence in the Small Press section hosting the Spirit Knight table. We will have all four issues available, t-shirts, free Bibles and more.I figured we should start now on who might be going and how we can help each other out with support and prayer. I will be listing updates for WC as I receive them. Currently, exhibitor signups are not yet available but they should be soon and I can give out information.If anyone has any questions about what WC (Comic-Con North) is all about, our experiences so far, our interation with Christians and non-Christians, tips or anything else on your mind I'd be happy to answer.



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    • You may want to look into the Artist Alley at WonderCon if you think you might have some artwork done. Some in the Artist Alley sell their finished comic book and others have their portfolio ready for people to view.

      Go to the website and take a look:

      At the very least, it would be great to meet you there, people bring their portfolios with them and show them off to the larger comic book that might be an option for you and worth $12 for the day.
      • Hey what's up Bryan!
        Paul from the BAP!!!(Born Again Production). Hey how much was the table set up for the con? and when do we have to turn in our paperwork for the the event? The comic, "Messiah's Chosen is almost done and a poster of my version of, "Armor of God, Eph.6", is just about done.( You can view the sketch of it on my blog on the CCAS.)
        Keep me posted and I'll Keep you guys in prayer. God Bless, BAP out!!!
        • Hey Paul,
          Small Press tables are $250 or more this year. We won't know for sure until the dates or the Con are determined...prices go up ever year so expect it higher. As soon as the forms are available is when you should turn in your paperwork. They will reserve a table for you but you don't have to pay until you show up at the Con. You may also want to look into an Artist Alley table with is usually under $200 but those spots go soon as the info is posted I will let this discussion know.
  • The exhibitor forms are now available for WonderCon 2009. The CCAS has already sent in its application. We also requested to be placed next to Red Machine Comics and Crown of Life Comics. Looking forward to meeting those of you who are able to attend. God Bless
  • OK... Posted that before I read all the repies. I'm a goofy boy!

    Anyway, got the dates and I'll see what I can do about putting that on the calendar and braving the sierra snows to be there.


  • Hi Bryan,

    Living in Reno, that's just a hop, skip and jump over the Sierras (weather permitting). Always love a road trip!

    I'd like some details on the event and a chance to meet you and learn a little bit.
    Email me with details at

    Thanks and GBU


    PS...Been a bit busy as of late and haven't been able to hit this board as much as I should.
  • The dates of the WonderCon have been posted. It is Friday, February 27, 2009 to Sunday, March 1, 2009. I will make my reservations in a couple of days. I will be there on Thursday, February 26th. I will keep you posted as to the status of the CCAS presence in Small Press.
  • The CCAS of Southern California is planning on having a Small Press table next to Bryan Mero of Red Machine Comics at WonderCon 2009, Lord willing. The most important aspect of this collaborative venture is prayer. During your prayer time please bring this opportunity before the Lord. Pray that seeds are planted in the attendees lives and there are opportunities to share the gospel of Christ. We're looking forward to an exciting time of fellowship and ministry. If you're interested you can contact Bryan or myself at
  • We'll bring some tracts and if we can get ahold of some Bibles, we'll give 'em away also. Each year for the past 5 years we have at least 50-100 Bibles at the table that we make available for free and by the end of the 3rd day, they're gone. How is room space? This year we had a Saturday night meeting in one of the convention rooms. Do you think that could be a possibility? Let me know what you think and we'll get the ball rolling and how the Lord works it. I love idea of the mugs. We also have a sign saying "FREE PRAYER". You can go the either Don Ensign's or my page on the CCAS site and see some photos at San Diego. Looks to be a GREAT time. Can't wait to compare notes on attendee reaction.
    • Room space would probably be available either Friday or Saturday night...Saturday is usually the big costume contest. Friday might be good since its mostly a preview day, light crowds and your not exhausted by the end of the day.
      We average a case or two of Bibles each year...around 50 Bibles. I think I have one case left from last time we went.
      Keep Redmachine Comics in your prayers...Troy, our artist, works his normal job, side jobs and then finds time to draw...and then has trouble with his please pray for his health so we can finish our mini-series for WC. Let's keep in touch. GBU
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