Drawing on Paper vs Drawing on a Computer

As a newbie to drawing, I am amazed and love to look at alot of drawings. Some I have and could tell it was on paper scanned in and others I have see they look like they were drawn on the computer. From my reading I have found that some will sketch it on paper and then scan the image into photoshop, sketch book pro, anime studio,manga studio, etc. to do the "inking" process. Some artist (cartoon solution's creator Ryan Simmons) draws directly into flash using a tablet. All very cool. so what are your options on the subject?

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  • Being self-taught, and not really adhering to any set rules, and regulations, I personally, go with whatever methodology suits my need. Whatever it takes to match the image that God has given me, is what I use. if it takes, pencil, and watercolor, then so be, and scans, ditto. As long as there's joy in what's being created, I'll use whatever's at my disposal!
  • Well, I am just a strip hack, but I use the gimp. Mainly cause its free and my real focus is the humor not the art. So I prolly dont count but there is my 2 cents anyway.
  • Its a moot point for me cuz i can't afford all that new fangled stuff. I just draw on the paper. That computer stuff is kind of intimidating to me. Maybe someday.:)
  • I would be interested in making animated videos on a PC, but the cost is prohibitive.
  • i used to have painter and it was difficult for me to use, at leasst effectively. it has a rather steep learning curve for those without any experience. as a result some things that came out looked better and others looked... not better.
    • I find it hard to digitally ink cuz you need a steady hand with a tablet. I have yet to master that. I do use CG to fill in the black areas and color and for touch up cleaning. Sometimes I redraw a few lines here and there but I prefer the old fashin (sp.?) way of drawing and inking. Coloring on the computer saves a boat load of money on supplies you would spend otherwise. And if you make a mistake its easy to fix.
  • Personally, I traditionally pencil and ink then scan onto the computer, and do the color detailing on photoshop cs, some examples are on my page, but it's your choice as to how you want to do things. You can digitally ink and get other effects as well, it's more of a personal preference as to what you use and how you use it. ^^
  • Hey, I'm an old-timer (69 years young), but I am fascinated by what you can do on the computer. I never have "inked" my drawings on the computer, but I did adjust my drawings. One drawing I did didn't satisfy me on paper although I had already inked it. But because of time constraints, I decided to scan it and to tweak it on the computer. It now became perfect! I don't think you would know it was computer-enhanced. So you can say I'm impressed by what the computer can do for your drawings, and how it can enhance your artwork in a short amount of time.
  • Well SOME would perfer you go all-digital if you're working on a compaign to save the Rainforests or something like that...but you have to have the greenist computer and tools on earth as well...
    • My husband told me to stop drawing on the computer because it is hard to clean off, and it leaves scratches on the screen... : D
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