• lets talk about  God using us in spreading the Gospel!

  • Hello Paul, Thanks for starting this discussion. I want to do some animation for my Frogboy comic, but I don't know yet what I want to do. It would just be a short for the Urban Restoration ministry where Frogboy is the mascot.
    I will start brainstorming
    • Hey John !

      How are you? I really like Frogboy he has great readability and appealing shapes. Are you interested in making him a 3d character?
      Also if you have a great 1 -2 min story that quickly creates some back history and Frogboys PG that would be great!

      My interest is in developing projects that clearly present the love of Jesus through the medium.

      Like your drawing style, do u also animate?

      Would you be interested in a mixed medium of creative 2d and 3d?

      my email is

      Thanks Paul
      • Today I am doing great. How are you? Thank you for the comments about Frogboy. I have been working on him for years. I do not animate. I would love to learn how. I don't know what programs are the best for that sort of thing. I have tried a sequential hand drawn animation, but I don't have much to show for it. 2-d or 3-d is fine with me. I do have a story idea. I will e-mail you.

  • I had a Salvation-based fantasia to be done to Dorak's 7th Symphony (IInd movement only)...but it may be too long for what you are capable of...
  • I may be interested in doing some colaborating. My skill set is pretty wide, I do many thing and some of them well, ha ha. Great site by the way.

    • Hi Lance !
      What type of projects are you interested in?

      I am trying to form a collaborating team of christians to produce some projects that really illustrate just how awesome Jesus really is.

      Thanks \\Paul
      • Hey Paul, you know, I am up for anything. My background is prett diverse. I do photography, design, publishing, some 3D, still stuff using Bryce, some video, After Effects, I know Photoshop pretty well after 12 years of using it. My weak area is drawing. Thats my goal right now, to bring those skills up to what they used to be 15 years ago when I used to draw everyday. The days before having a family and a full time job, ha ha. I also do writing and I am a creative person and love brainstorming. I usually have to many ideas floating around in my head so it would be nice to share some of them.
  • Hey, I'm interested...
    • Like to dev some mixed medium shorts with a Godly message for the internet.

      First dev some short stories and characters to match

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