Let's get to know each other, shall we?

Hi there,I noticed no one's started any discussions here, so I thought I'd go ahead and be the first. Why don't we introduce ourselves and find out why we're here.I'm Robin White, and I'm from New Brunswick, Canada. I'm a missionary to Japan, but in a "previous life" I was a graphic designer. I've been drawing and reading comics since I was a kid, of course, and currently have some humour work online at I'm hoping to do something that proves I actually can draw, someday, and something with more plot and depth. In time I hope that I can use comics and other creative arts in ministry.Who else is on here, and what are you up to?

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  • Hi, I'm Rob Marsh, I'm in Texas, and I draw comic books as a hobby only.

    I'm the assistant central mailer for one more issue of Alpha-Omega, and will be signing off on this role shortly (actually, at 4:00 this afternoon when I head to the post office.)

    Some of the artwork can be see here and at

    I hope to get more involved here with some of the forum discussions! the site looks fantastic so far, with lots of great material to see.

    • Hey Rob. I'm sorry to hear that your kinda, sorta retiring.:) I believe your the one that sent me my sample APAzine.:)
      • Hey Anthony!

        I'll still be in Alpha-Omega, just not as a the guy mailing out the issues anymore. Eric Jansen will be taking over that responsibility with the next issue.

  • Guess it's time I spoke out to this group just who I am... I'm Billy Leavell, born deaf and perhaps that was a factor in my interest in comics because there I could understand the dialogue and follow the stories. The newspaper comics were a boon for me... in the golden age we had Dick Tracy, Terry and the Pirates, Steve Canyon, Buzz Sawyer, and many, many other great adventure strips. Unfortunately most of them have fallen by the way and we have mostly humor strips in the local newspaper. About the only adventure strips we can see are online.

    I am a minister to the deaf at the Church of Christ in White Station here in Memphis. I edit a quarterly book in which I contribute comic strips of Bible stories, and occasionally, of Bible doctrine. I do this because I notice the deaf understand the comics better than straight reading stuff.

    Currently I don't have a web site, but I'm considering adding one for Light for the Deaf, which I publish.

    I've also occasionally done work for fledging Christian comics. I'm out of the cycle right now, but wouldn't mind getting back into the swing of things from time to time.

    God bless you all, and may He give you the gifts to produce comics that glorify His name!
    • I hope you get a site soon, Billy. I'd love to see some of your work.
  • Whoa, you get around, huh? LOL, Its a good idea to get your name out there, though. I'd have more if i had the time. :) Cadre, hmm...that sounds familiar. Have you ever been on CC.Net?
    • yep, I'm over there as well... hardly check it, probably should do that today and see what's up.

      I was to help with one of the projects but after it got started, no one ever kept me in the loop and such... oh well, we move on and know that He has something else in mind for us.

      I'm all over bro... all over... google me, you'll see... lol.
  • Hello, my name is Jesse Hansen... also known as Cadre in the comic book industry. Long story which can be found on my site as to where the name came from... lol.

    Anyway, I was born in Covington, KY... lived all along the East Coast while growing up to the year of 1985 and been in Florida since that point. I live in Palm Coast, Florida right now and do the day job thing in St. Augustine, FL. I work daily as an Art Director for a custom binder manufacturer. (yay... fun) It pays the bills at least for now. When I get home, the real fun begins and I work on comic related things while also maintaining the Cadre Corner Studios... a community/studio founded and ran along the premise of helping others improve their skills and get their feet wet. See the mission statement on the website for more on that.

    I'm 33 years of age as of March... I'm divorced for 3.5 years or so and currently in a relationship with a wonderful woman.

    I've been blessed thus far in my comic career and hope to further those blessings in the service of my Lord and Savior... my goal is to be an ongoing inker for a Christian based comic book in which spreads His message and entertains the masses. Easier to get bees with honey than with vinegar they say. My goal is to work on a top quality book that gets the interest of non-believers while at the same time gets the message across... thus knocking out multiple birds with one stone... spread the word, preach the word, educate and hopefully convert.

    I guess that's enough from me for now...

    Check out my sites when ya get a chance... and let me know what you think.

    and more... but as you can see, I try to be everywhere... lol.

    If you're on any of these... add me to your list and let's chat further...

    also, my user id on yahoo messenger is: cadrelee

    just in case.
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