Let's get to know each other, shall we?

Hi there,I noticed no one's started any discussions here, so I thought I'd go ahead and be the first. Why don't we introduce ourselves and find out why we're here.I'm Robin White, and I'm from New Brunswick, Canada. I'm a missionary to Japan, but in a "previous life" I was a graphic designer. I've been drawing and reading comics since I was a kid, of course, and currently have some humour work online at I'm hoping to do something that proves I actually can draw, someday, and something with more plot and depth. In time I hope that I can use comics and other creative arts in ministry.Who else is on here, and what are you up to?

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    • Hey Sherwin... those are some great insightful tips as to who are some good people to talk with around here... I, myself have been in the comic realms for a short time, but not in the actual Christian comic industry although it has always been a part of my master plan.
    • Howdy Michael... pleased to meet your acquaintance...
    • Thank you both for the replies. I'm looking forward to getting to know you and your work as well . . . as I figure out how to navigate this forum.

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  • Hey how you guys doing. Im a comic artist/writer finishing my last year of college majoring in sequential art and when im not trying to put together my own comics im avidly trying to pay off student loans. Im excited to be a part of this website and look foward to contributing to the forums
    • Hi Everybody! My name is Eric Jansen. I'm a writer and artist. I've been part of CCAS for over 12 years now, attending the local Los Angeles area meetings. I've been hired by the big companies three times now, but those jobs never went anywhere. ("Big" if you count Caliber, a little thing called Edge, and then, OK, a bigger one called Top Cow.) I sort of gave up on that and got a job at a tract publisher, where I've been for almost ten(!) years now. I have tracts that have been printed in the millions and sent all over the world, and we even keep five of my evangelistic comic books in constant print as well--adding up (this year) to 500,000! God is good!
  • Hello everybody.
    My name is Charles Apellaniz and I am a comic book artist who is working on my creator owned graphic novel for 2009 and also 2 children books. I have worked in the art media for at least 13 yrs. but had my first comic book out 2 yrs. ago for a comic book company Alpha Omega comics called "Origins" and I am currently working on a comic book for a company called Nebcron Comics in which the pages I hope was uploaded for you guys to see and critique. I just give God all the praise and the glory and thank him everyday for the gift that he has entrusted me with. God bless you guys. Oh yeah I wa born and raised in Manhattan New York, but the Lord had me relocate to Florida and I have been here for 10 yrs. with my wife, 2 sons, 1 daughter and 4 beatiful grandkids, hey I'm only 36yrs. old Ok. LOL. God Bless.
  • Hello. I'm Justin and I just found this site on the web.

    Over the past summer, I had the idea to create some Christian comic books... and Christian SUPER HERO comic books, that I thought were quite great. A week or so later I saw that the cover story for World Magazine was bemoaning the lack of Christian graphic novels. I felt it was a sign!

    I have 3 and 1/2 fully thought-out concepts for what I think could be great Christian comic book properties. Alas, I have not a lick of talent when it comes to visual arts such as drawing and painting.
  • hey, my name is Rick. I grew up submerged in the arts. The talent runs deep in my family. My art background was very much a product of the world, I produced nothing more than images of demonic and worldly pleasures. My christian upbringing did not go much further than my baptism at infancy. I have come back into the faith only 4 years ago. After praying for direction in my life one morning, specifically in regards to my god given gifts or talents, I was approached later that afternoon by a co-worker with a comic-book. He handed me a copy of Grendal
    by Matt Wagner. I had grown up reading secular, and worldly subjects in comics for most of my childhood years, and never thought anything of it. But my prayers had just been answered. I sat down and began to read this book, but I couldn't make it further than a few pages. I was appalled by what I was reading and seeing. Through my prayers I was made to see that I was to enter the world of Christian comics. Praise you Lord Jesus.
  • Kathleen Webb here. Freelance writer and artist for over twenty years. Been working as primarily a script-writer for Archie comics since 1985. Had a one-page comic named "Holly and the Ivy Halls" do a ten-year run with Focus on the Family's BRIO magazine for teen girls (1994-2004). Have worked with Nate Butler on various projects and with Buzz Dixon. Would love to have my comic "Elysium Dreams" published someday (sigh). My art can be viewed at and at Married to Bill Webb (also an artist) since 1981. Have 20+ Japanese "daughters" (students we've hosted over the years since 1995). We also have four cats who think they're our kids. I love comics from all over the world but especially Japan and the U.S. In fact I love comics, comic strips and animation. I'm really into girl's comics (of course). My favorite genre of movies, comics and books is fantasy, but I also like romance, humor, action, murder mysteries and slice of life (I like musicals, too, but they don't translate real well into comics and books ;-). Not much into horror or sci-fi.

    My greatest influences (besides the Scriptures) come from authors like C. S. Lewis, J. R. R. Tolkein, G. K. Chesterton, George MacDonald, L. M. Montgomery, Agatha Christie, Robin Jones Gunn, Steven Lawhead; artists like Alphonse Mucha, Eyvand Earle, Erte; comic creators like Charles Schulz, Dan DeCarlo, Dale Messick, Chester Gould, Goscinney and Uderzo, Jack Kirby, Joe Sinnott, Gus Arriola; and animation such as Studio Ghibli, Disney, Warner Brothers (in the days of Bugs Bunny et al), and Hanna Barbara. I also love the Myst computer games created by those talented Miller brothers from my home state, which is Washington (on the West coast--the other Washington--the wet one).

    Heidy-ho to all! ^_^
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